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What Can ALTOUR Tech Help You With Today?

We have stand-ready dedicated resources located offshore that are very competitively priced and highly skilled to help get you through the most tedious tasks. Whether you need a resource to complete one task or several, one simple project or a large, complex one, we can assist you. We offer solutions with very flexible terms to meet a wide range of outsourcing needs as it pertains to the below services.

Event Build Services

We know how important you are to us and we have created a team especially dedicated to helping you. Our Cvent Event Build Support Team will work with your Event Managers to ensure that your team is utilizing the Cvent platform to its potential. Reach out to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and find out how we can assist you today.

Data Entry Services

Our data processing center in Ethiopia is ready to help you with your next project or task.

We can help with...

o Digitizing documents

o Data cleanup

o Data mining

o Data entry

o Back office tasks and projects

o Invoice tracking and reconciliation

o Other tedious, time consuming tasks

Software Development

We have experts with a variety of skill sets on-call in Dubai who are available to help you with your very specific needs.

We offer developers who can...

o Easily integrate with your existing team

o Work independently

o Step in to finish up existing projects

o Manage on-going web or application maintenance

o Finish up tedious tasks or nagging issues

Customer Service (Phone Support)

Our customer service support services help small- and medium-sized businesses project a stronger company image while offering more robust phone support to their clients. High quality customer service support needn’t cost you dearly.

Our phone support services are…

o Scalable

o Flexible

o Extremely cost-effective

o Available across all time zones

o Available in multiple languages


Interested in finding out more?

(212) 897-5089